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I’ve played through the game once on recruit difficulty, and didn’t have too much trouble getting through.  After playing through the (short) game, I then turned my attention to the mini-challenges.

I really like a few of the challenges, and I generally like the concept and objectives of all of them, but they are incredibly difficult!  Even on recruit, I have a hard time completing them.  On Veteran and Hardened difficult?  Almost impossible.

One of the big draws for the game is the online play.  I have yet to get it to actually work.  Every time I try to join a game, I get a message stating 0/25 games available.  I suspect it’s a networking issue that requires me to do some troubleshooting with my router, though I’m not looking forward to that.

Maybe this weekend I’ll put some more time into it.  It’s a hard game, and it can get super frustrating quickly, but I still think it’s fun.  Hopefully the multiplayer doesn’t suck.


Recently, I picked up a copy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for PS3 on advice from a friend. He had played that and the new Uncharted sequel recently and had great things to say about both.

I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with this first installment. Having had the game for less than a week now, I’m just about finished with my first play-through. It’s an enthralling and highly entertaining game.

Essentially Indiana Jones in video game form, the game takes you through a treasure hunt of a storyline with some interesting twists. The gameplay is especially well refined, and gives you a lot of freedom to move around. I also really appreciate the linear travel path: there’s always just one way to continue through a level. That’s something I actually appreciate in an adventure game like this that’s otherwise so free-form.

I have to say that the gunfights can get a bit tedious at times. I’ve probably killed hundreds of enemies by this point, and it just gets a little too unbeleivable. I do like the way the gun system was designed, requiring constant planning of what weapons to carry and how to best conserve ammunition.

Anyway, that’s my initial impression. Once I finish it, I’ll have more to say. And I’ll certainly be picking up a copy of the latest installment soon too.

Very excited to hear about a sequel to a great video game, Dead Space 2!  Interestingly, Isaac (the main character) will be coming back.  In the first Dead Space, Isaac’s fate is decidedly vague: some people have suggested he dies, while others (myself included) were withholding judgment.

“We’re thrilled to jump back into the series, making the next chapter in Isaac’s journey,” said the game’s executive producer, Steve Papoutsis. “The infection continues to spread throughout space and our hero Isaac Clarke is the only person able to contain it. There are still loads of necromorphs that need killing!” Aside from this small amount of information, Papoutsis also explained that the game’s story will be even more labyrinthine than that of the original title. “In Dead Space 2, not everything is exactly as it seems. Expect plot twists that will surprise you and a huge cast of twisted, disgusting monsters that are sure to scare the daylights out of you.”

The announcement makes it clear: Isaac survived to fight another day.  Should be interesting.

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