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Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted here.  Here’s a quick rundown.  Around the holidays I came down with the flu.  It was pretty nasty, and I was out of work for about a week.  Well, that happened to coincide with Christmas (I was sick for Christmas, blech) and was slowly recovering for New Years.

Unfortunately, during most of my recovery, I could hear very well.  I developed an ear infection in my left ear towards the end of my flu.  So, I was on antibiotics for a while, and it took a long time to actually regain my hearing completely.  Even now, I have sinus pressure which causes my hearing to feel like I’m underwater.

Not fun.  Anyway, I’m just now getting back into regular updates for this blog.  I’m probably going to stretch my writings out a bit more and instead of doing daily posts go for something closer to every-other-day.  I’d rather focus on interesting content than lots of it, but we’ll see how things progress.


You’ve probably noticed a lack of updates in the last few days.  I’ve been down with the flu.  Blech.  I’m actually now (mostly) recovered, except for the ear-infection side-effect, which has unfortunately made me feel like I’m completely underwater.  So, aside from not being able to hear well, I’m doing better.  So expect more updates soon.

One little note: my B&N Nook just shipped today.  Honestly, I have reservations about this.  More later.

The design for this blog (in my opinion) looks great, though I’d like to make it a bit more personal.  Right now, it’s just an off-the-shelf template that came from WordPress.  The only problem is that I’m not much of a graphic designer, and I’d hate to put a lot of time into it.

I’m thinking I’ll wait until there’s some good snow on the ground, borrow a good camera, and take some pictures.  The whiteness of the snow should mix well with the white background of the pages.  I’d use that photo for the top of the page, and pretty much leave everything else as-is.

This blog is hosted (for free, I should add) by WordPress.  I love it.  There’s a lot of features, it’s easy to setup and maintain, and the built-in themes are actually quite nice.  But one thing that irks me: I have to use Firefox to edit posts!

I’m a Mac user, so I’m not sure if it’s true in the Windows world.  But here in Mac land, I have to load up Firefox just to edit/add any posts.  Safari and Chrome (now for the Mac) all throw off the formatting for some reason.  It’s pretty frustrating.

One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to use it as a practice area for my writing.  I’ve always wanted to write a book, and I’ve even made several attempts at it.  But I’ve never been able to get seriously into it.

I think the biggest reason I’ve been unsuccessful in writing isn’t a lack of motivation: it’s ultimately a lack of practice.  When I sit down to write I’m often stymied: I want to write a great sentence, paragraph, page; but I’m never satisfied with what I produce.

For instance, just recently I sat down to write a detective novel from the point of view of the villain.  Simple enough, right?  I have an interesting twist to it, and I know the subject material well.  It’s in a genre a little different than what the mainstream is used to, and I think it could have broad appeal.

So far, I’ve written only 1 (mediocre) page.

Why is that?  I’ve found that the answer is I’m constantly seeking perfection and am unable to settle with mediocre.  Yet I feel like whatever I produce is just mediocre.  I compare my 1 written page to another novel I’ve read and I feel like it just doesn’t measure up.

I can’t quite put my finger on what’s different.  I know I’m a decent writer in that I understand sentence structure, I have a workable vocabulary, and a marketing/business-oriented mind to know what is likely to appeal to readers.  At the same time I’m not confident in what I produce.

The goal of this blog is to just write: anything that comes to mind, whatever the topic.  The idea is to use this medium to practice my craft, and if it has appeal to other people out there, I’ll be thrilled.

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