I love building sets with Legos.  Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few different sets.  However, I’m hardly creative enough (or have the time) to come up with unique creations from the pieces that I have.

So, let’s automate it.

I’d need to collect a mapping of piece inventory for each set.  I’m certain this exists somewhere, as inside every set you buy is a paper listing of each piece included (in a handy little visual guide at the end of the instruction manual).

Next, I’d need to find lots of third-party set designs.  This also exists (in fact, Lego even has a version on their site that aggregates creations from Lego Creator).

Mash the two together, and allow users to input what sets they own, and out pops a list of new creations they could make using the pieces they already own!

That would be killer.