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There’s a big Tea Party rally happening today in Boston Common, which (judging by the crowds and theatrics) sadly appears to be pretty popular.

I know it’s just the fringe making a lot of noise, but it’s still amazing at how many people are taken in by this stuff.  Funny to see all the vendors hawking crap like constitutions printed out, and flags with the iconic rattlesnake.


I love building sets with Legos.  Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few different sets.  However, I’m hardly creative enough (or have the time) to come up with unique creations from the pieces that I have.

So, let’s automate it.

I’d need to collect a mapping of piece inventory for each set.  I’m certain this exists somewhere, as inside every set you buy is a paper listing of each piece included (in a handy little visual guide at the end of the instruction manual).

Next, I’d need to find lots of third-party set designs.  This also exists (in fact, Lego even has a version on their site that aggregates creations from Lego Creator).

Mash the two together, and allow users to input what sets they own, and out pops a list of new creations they could make using the pieces they already own!

That would be killer.

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