I’ve played through the game once on recruit difficulty, and didn’t have too much trouble getting through.  After playing through the (short) game, I then turned my attention to the mini-challenges.

I really like a few of the challenges, and I generally like the concept and objectives of all of them, but they are incredibly difficult!  Even on recruit, I have a hard time completing them.  On Veteran and Hardened difficult?  Almost impossible.

One of the big draws for the game is the online play.  I have yet to get it to actually work.  Every time I try to join a game, I get a message stating 0/25 games available.  I suspect it’s a networking issue that requires me to do some troubleshooting with my router, though I’m not looking forward to that.

Maybe this weekend I’ll put some more time into it.  It’s a hard game, and it can get super frustrating quickly, but I still think it’s fun.  Hopefully the multiplayer doesn’t suck.