This is the third and final part of a three-part series I’ve put together on my personal experiences with the Nook (see the first and second ones).  Having used the Nook for quite a few hours of pleasurable reading, I’m a fan of the device.  It has quite a few rough edges and missing content, but it’s generally a good device for reading eBooks.  But what about the basics, like battery life, accessories, etc?

Battery Life
The battery life of the Nook isn’t superb.  I tend to leave the device in Airplane mode all the time to conserve energy (which, unfortunately, means I’m unable to get updated information in The Daily).  With it in Airplane mode, I usually get about 4 days of battery life when using it heavily.

I’m struggling to put this into context.  In terms of hours, it’s probably about 10-12, which is probably enough time to read a paperback book, or close to it.  This isn’t scientific by any means, just my own observation that could be wildly off.

I was a little off-put by how quickly the battery drains, but it’s not a major inconvenience.  I have to charge my iPhone on a daily basis, so every few days for the Nook isn’t a problem.

Barnes and Noble Hotspots
One interesting feature of the Nook is the ability to take the device to a Barnes and Noble retail store for special features.  For instance, taking it to a store allows you to see special in-store coupons, read any book available for free (while you’re there), and even get a free cookie at the Cafe.

So I brought the Nook to a local B&N store.  Unfortunately, I had quite a few problems.  While inside the store, I turned on the device and a B&N logo appeared in the top-right, where the WiFi indicator would normally appear.  However, I couldn’t figure out how to access the B&N section!

I actually went to the Nook kiosk in the store and asked for help from the saleswoman there.  Although she was very pleasant, she was also very confused: we couldn’t figure out why weren’t able to see the B&N exclusives on the device!  On the store’s device, the B&N exclusives section pops right up, but not on my device!

I’ll give it another shot sometime in the future, but for now I was a little disappointed about that.

Although not a super important issue to consider, some people do find it interesting what covers are available for the device.  When I was in the B&N store recently (with the B&N Hotspot issue), I picked up a case that I actually rather like.  It’s a fold-over faux leather case that makes it look quite elegant.  It has a saying on the front that I’m not particularly in love with, but I do like the cover.

The Nook has quite a few covers available, though not many in the stores themselves.  Some of them are actually quite expensive too.  But you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a decent cover.

Last Thoughts
On the whole, the Nook is a solid device.  Battery life is so-so, and there was a snafu I had with the B&N Hotspot, but I’m sure that will get worked out (if it hasn’t already).  Perhaps the store was having hiccups with it’s Hotspot device, or perhaps my Nook just wasn’t cooperating that day.  The next time I go to a B&N store I’ll give it another try and see what happens.