I was recently in a Lego retail store and noticed a collection of Lego products under the banner Lego Architecture.  Intrigued, I noticed several models, especially the Seattle Space Needle and the Guggenheim Museum.  I bought the Space Needle (mainly because it was the least expensive, at $20).

I built the model and it’s now sitting on my desk at work.  I figured I’d write down my impressions.

First, I’m very excited by the idea of an Architecture series.  I love Legos and I especially like the idea of creating a set specifically designed for an older generation.  Part of the problem with Lego sets is that they’re so geared towards children that it makes it difficult for older people (like myself) to seriously take part.  Even though I very much want to.

Second, I was a little disappointed with the Space Needle model.  It looks fantastic (albeit very simplistic), but the price seems way out of proportion.  At $20, it’s difficult to justify having put it together.  Further, one of the key elements of the Space Needle itself is the revolving observation deck.  The Lego representation, unfortunately, doesn’t spin.

I love the idea of Lego putting out more Architecture series models.  I’m definitely going to consider buying the Fallingwater model, and I’ll be watching for other models to come out in the future.  The Space Needle was a bit of a disappointment primarily because of the price.  But if paying a premium means Lego will continue with the series and continue to experiment by creating products designed for older builders, then I’ll consider it a big success.