Recently, I picked up a copy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for PS3 on advice from a friend. He had played that and the new Uncharted sequel recently and had great things to say about both.

I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with this first installment. Having had the game for less than a week now, I’m just about finished with my first play-through. It’s an enthralling and highly entertaining game.

Essentially Indiana Jones in video game form, the game takes you through a treasure hunt of a storyline with some interesting twists. The gameplay is especially well refined, and gives you a lot of freedom to move around. I also really appreciate the linear travel path: there’s always just one way to continue through a level. That’s something I actually appreciate in an adventure game like this that’s otherwise so free-form.

I have to say that the gunfights can get a bit tedious at times. I’ve probably killed hundreds of enemies by this point, and it just gets a little too unbeleivable. I do like the way the gun system was designed, requiring constant planning of what weapons to carry and how to best conserve ammunition.

Anyway, that’s my initial impression. Once I finish it, I’ll have more to say. And I’ll certainly be picking up a copy of the latest installment soon too.