Since I’m in the mood for sharing, I thought I’d post a little about my two guilty pleasures on TV.  And believe me, I’m definitely feeling guilty about this, as they seem so out of character for me.  But here goes:

Two shows I like watching on TV are SWAT and DEA.

There, I said it.

Haven’t seen them?  Don’t worry: not many people do.  They pop up in my TiVo Suggestions from time to time, and I always like watching.  I’m really not sure why, to be honest.  I guess I’m a law-and-order type of guy, and I’m more about reality (I often read more nonfiction than fiction).

But still, they seem so much like … Cops.  I’m not into that show (it’s even further down the ladder, I think), but still.  Should I feel guilty?