There’s an interesting review of Chrome for the Mac up at Ars Technica, which is approached from the point of view of a devoted Safari 4 user (as I myself am).  As I’ve seen, there are a number of points in Chrome’s favor, including speed.

My favorite part about Chrome, however, is what Google calls the “Omnibox.” Instead of offering an address bar and a search bar across the top of the window, there’s just one box for both searching and entering URLs. I love this for two reasons. First, it’s no secret that “older” Internet users seem to have a habit of entering full URLs into a search box just to bring up a Google search pointing to that exact URL, and then clicking on it. This helps mitigate that behavior by sending the user directly to the site he or she is searching for if a full address is entered. Two, it helps reduce the number of steps taken by any user (old or not) who wants to search from the browser.

Check out the review and feel free to give Chrome for Mac a try for yourself.  I was pleasantly (and begrudgingly) surprised.