There’s more rumor going on about Apple’s plans to launch a tablet, though this one has a new twist.  Apparently, according to an analyst in an article at Ars Technica, Apple will be targetting the device to be a souped up eReader rather than just a general purpose tablet computer.  I have to say I’m intrigued.

The article goes on to say that Apple is courting content providers (such as newspaper and magazine in addition to book publishers) with attractive deals to get content onto its new device.  The analyst also “believes that Apple is poised to give Amazon’s Kindle a serious run for its money by offering a better revenue split for publishers.”

Especially intriguing is the extent that publishers could go with a high-powered tablet that doesn’t rely on the eInk technology.  For instance, publishers could embed video, sound, or flash animations and have it appear on the tablet.  Imagine an immersive, well-designed version of a magazine on a tablet.  That could be very compelling, and might get publishers excited about the prospects of moving beyond the paper world.

I like the idea of an Apple-branded eReader device, primarily based on the good experiences I’ve had with my various Apple products (iPhone, MacBook, etc).  If they can make a great tablet device that offers excellent content, then it will be a homerun.