Recently, Google released a beta version of Chrome for the Mac.  Unfortunately, the release puts me in a very conflicted position: although I like it, I really dislike Google.  Let me explain.

For a while now, I’ve been using Safari as my primary browser.  It’s extremely fast (which is my most important criteria), it’s user friendly, and very stable.  Prior to Safari, I was using Camino (which is a speedier version of Firefox, though still much slower than Safari).  So speed is my major decision point.

Occasionally, I’ve had to use Windows and I typically installed Chrome there.  It was a great alternative to the horrid IE and much faster than the bloated Firefox.  However, I was still reluctant: I just don’t like the monolith Google.  I’ll get into why another time.

So here I am: I actually (kinda) like Chrome on the Mac.  It’s as fast as Safari and it has some nice refinements.  It hasn’t crashed on me yet, though give it time, I’m sure.  For a little while now, I’ll continue using it.

Ultimately, it could just be that I want to mix things up in my web browsing (I’ve been using Safari for quite a while), and I’ll return to Safari again fairly soon.  I actually hope that’s the case.