I just finished reading BusinessWeek’s article on AOL and its new CEO, Tim Armstrong (a Google veteran).  Perhaps its my personal bias coming out, but I just don’t see a bright future for AOL, and I’m not convinced of the new strategy.

AOL finds itself in an interesting position: subscriber revenues, the model the company built itself upon when the Internet was still a nascent concept, have been dwindling to zero.  On the technology adoption curve, their subscribers are clearly in the late adopter/laggard category, as every other segment has jumped ship.  So where does it go from there?

As the article points out, AOL has tried numerous new strategies over the years, all having used compelling content with advertising revenue in some form or another.  In the past, they’ve used other people’s content to bring in eyeballs, but under Armstrong, they’ll be focusing more on uniquely generated content.  The split from Time Warner, of course, couldn’t come at a worse time if that’s the direction they actually are moving towards.