There’s an interesting review of a new app for the iPhone, called the Colossal Short Story Collection, which boasts an impressive 2,222 short stories from the public domain all contained in one downloadable app.

Unlike the review’s author, I haven’t had a problem reading eBooks on my iPhone.  In fact, I’ve finished three books recently on the iPhone alone, and several others as a combination of my desktop reader and the iPhone.  Although a lot of “flipping” is involved, it can actually be therapeutic: during slow points in a book, the flipping makes you feel like you’re reading faster!  The presentation of text on the screens also hasn’t been a problem, though after reading for a while, my eyes get a bit near-sighted and I need to adjust again.

I’ll check out the app when it’s available in the App Store, though I’m not personally a short-story kind of person.  The idea of an app for “casual reading” is definitely intriguing though.