This afternoon and into the evening was the first (real) snow of the season.  I say real because we actually had a dusting not too long ago, but that doesn’t count.

In the evening I looked outside and beheld a dichotomous scene: the trees were serene, shrouded in a pinkish winter glow; the ground, however, was a mushy sludge of half-melted snow, mud, and leaves.  I realized then that I couldn’t appreciate it fully as I was in the wrong mindset.

It’s frustrating and slightly depressing: my girlfriend had led me by the hand to see the trees and I failed to appreciate them for the mess on the ground.  I failed to take in and reflect on the first snowfall because of my preoccupation with other cares (as it happens, I happened to also be in the middle of some work).

I wonder about myself and what this means.